Helicopter view of the Hilton Nui Resort


Helicopter view of the Hilton Nui Resort | boraboraphotos.com

Some things are best viewed from the air, here is a magnificent helicopter view of the Hilton Nui Resort in Bora Bora. The South Pacific region of French Polynesia is home to some beautiful islands, such as Moorea, Tahiti, Raiatea and countless others. However, there is one island that is so nice they named it twice, and if you are on this website you probably have a good idea of which island we’re talking about. The island of Bora Bora is paradise on earth.

Here we are looking at the Hilton Nui Resort & Spa which is located on the Toopua motu just west of Bora Bora’s main city of Vaitape. The unique part of this smaller motu island is the topography, most of the other large resorts are located on flat surfaces which don’t provide for the dramatic views from higher elevations. It’s  not a big deal though as Bora Bora is beautiful from almost any angle.

Now for those of you who aren’t afraid of heights, a Bora Bora helicopter tour could be worth checking out. Buzzing around the island on a 20 minute flight can offer you some incredible views that can’t be beat, like this view of the Hilton Nui Resort. Helicopter tours can be a bit pricey so if your on a budget then and a 4×4 Safari tour is your next best alternative.

In the photo you can see the Hilton Nui Resort and their overwater bungalows. In the distance you can see Bora Bora’s tallest peak, which is the famous Mount Otemanu.

Photo by: Christian Wilkinson



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