Where is Bloody Mary’s Restaurant in Bora Bora?


Where is Bloody Marys Restaurant in Bora Bora? | boraboraphotos.com

There are many great places to eat in Bora Bora, however most of them are located at the large resorts around the island and outer motu’s. Although if there is one restaurant that nearly every tourist tries at least once while in Bora Bora it has to be Bloody Mary’s Restaurant & Bar. It is quite possibly the best tropical themed restaurant in the world. With sand as the floor and fresh fish served up daily – we think its a must see.

So where is Bloody Marys Restaurant in Bora Bora? Good question, the restaurant is located on the southern part of the main island and is accessible by car or water taxi. Because of its popularity many of the resorts provide water taxi’s to the pier that Bloody Mary’s owns.

If you are staying on the main island, your hotel concierge will be happy to call you a taxi which will take you to the restaurant free of charge. Its a great deal considering just a short 10 minute taxi ride can set you back over $20 USD. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, check with your hotel concierge to make yourself a reservation as sometimes it can get pretty busy especially during the height of the travel season.

Close view of Bloody Mary's Restaurant | boraboraphotos.com

There is not much night life in Bora Bora, which is fine for some people, but if your looking to hang out and grab a drink this is your spot. Bloody Mary’s gets quite a few celebrities so you never know who you might see walking around. At the front of the restaurant there is a wall of famous celebrity names that have been to the restaurant since its opening in 1970. If you want to know more about the restaurant check out the article we wrote that shows inside photos of Bloody Mary’s.



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