Air Tahiti Nui airlines upgrades planes


Air Tahiti Nui airlines upgrades planes |

Air Tahiti Nui airlines upgrades planes with new inflight entertainment system and fresh cabin design. Air Tahiti Nui, named the 2012 “Best Airline in the South Pacific” by Global Traveler magazine has launched its new $17 million cabin reconfiguration and entertainment system on board its fleet of Airbus A340-300 aircraft in April 2013. Three aircrafts will be updated by June 2013 for the Los Angeles and Paris routes. The colors of the new seats and interiors will reflect the stunning beauty and charm of Polynesia.

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class |

The Poerava Business Class will be increased in capacity from its existing 24 seats to 32 seats. Based on the popular Sogerma “angled lie flat cocoon seat”, the new Business Class will provide more personal room and space with a 60 inch seat pitch while continuing to provide a two by two by two configuration, offering passengers a choice of only window and aisle seating.

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class entertainment |

The highlight of the new cabin is the new Inflight Entertainment System featuring an “on demand” access to a selection of 25 movies and 24 television programs as well as magazines, games and music on every roundtrip journey.

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class Moana economy class |

Economy Class Moana will feature new comfort focused lightweight seats while retaining the popular two – four – two seating configuration. ATN economy class seats have always been wider than the airline industry average and will continue to be so with an 18 inch width and an average 32 inch pitch. The colors selected for the new seats and interior reflect the stunning beauty and charm of Polynesia, which is synonymous with Air Tahiti Nui.

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class Moana entertainment |

Amongst other amenities, the new inflight system features channels for kids and families as well as a Tahiti focused TV channel, “Tiare TV”, allowing passengers to have a taste of their upcoming vacation in the beautiful islands of Tahiti and allowing them to experience the destination the moment they step on board.

Air Tahiti Nui new entertainment system |

The new inflight entertainment system will have several neat features to keep you busy during your flight. With the ability to choose your language, the new inflight system provides a Tahiti Guide, which will put useful information for your stay in the islands of Tahiti at passengers fingertips. There will even be a wine list available to passengers on the new touch screen system.

Photo Credit: Air Tahiti Nui



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