Best Time to Visit Bora Bora


You would be surprised how often we get asked when the best time to visit Bora Bora is. The easy answer is that it is always the right time to visit Bora Bora island. But of course, there is more to it.

Bora Bora lagoon and over water bungalows.

Okay, that probably was not the helpful response you were looking for, but the honest answer depends on good weather, your budget, and your travel interests. Some periods are better than others on a tropical island in the southern hemisphere. During July and August, the weather is excellent in French Polynesia, but this is the prime vacation and high season. July is the busiest month because of the Heiva Nui festival. Hotels in Bora Bora and the outer islands are at their fullest during August, the traditional French vacation month.

You will want to book your airline tickets and resort accommodations for July and August as far in advance as possible to get the best rates. The months you may want to consider are May, June, September, and October, which have the best combination of weather and availability of hotel rooms. Alternatively, there is a short-shoulder season during the months of April and November with cooler weather.

Bora Bora lagoon with different shades of blue.


There is accurate data to predict the weather in Bora Bora, as you can count on the dry months between April and October and the rainy season from November to April. The weather will be cooler and less humid during the dry time of year. Of course, tropical rain showers are still possible, but that shouldn’t stop your enjoyment of the island and stay in an overwater bungalow.

Jessica and I have been on Bora Bora during the shoulder months and the dry season, and we encountered two days of rain throughout our five-day trip. You should remember that south pacific tropical weather moves fast because of the trade winds, it could rain in the morning, and then just a few hours later during the afternoon, the weather could be clear and incredible. I wish I knew how to take pictures of the stars at night because the stars are dazzling and seem so close with no clouds in the sky.


An optimal time to be in Bora Bora is for the Heiva Nui Festival, which takes place in early July. This annual singing, dance, and traditional water sports competition happens at Moto’i Place in the town of Vaitape. This event is great to immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture with crafts demonstrations and places to shop for memorable trinkets. Be prepared for larger crowds at the hotels and around town, as this is peak season. Note the Tahiti Pearl regatta usually takes place in May.

During the off-season months (November to March), you will find better deals on hotels and some activities. Even airfare to the islands should be cheaper. The Bora Bora Liquid Festival takes place in December over four days. This event encompasses water-related activities, from outrigger canoe races to stand-up paddling and swimming relays. In the evening, movies, concerts, and other social gatherings appeal to all ages.


Another thing to consider when planning your trip is to be mindful of the public holidays. Commercial shops and restaurants tend to close early or not open on vacation, such as Easter. Some businesses close down for the entire weekend plus Easter Monday. It shouldn’t prevent you from planning your trip, but if you spend limited time in Bora Bora or another Polynesian island, you might want to ask your travel agent or email the resort concierge desk.

I mention this because Jessica and I were in Tahiti for one night before we flew back to Los Angeles, and we wanted to visit the Municipal Market in Papeete, but it was Easter Weekend, and nearly the entire town was shut down, including the market.

Travel to Bora Bora on other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s tend to see a spike in visitors and a bump in prices. If you book your travel early and save on airfare, sometimes you can offset the cost of the resort fees.



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