Pension Moon in Pofai Bay


Pension moon from street view |

Halfway between the town of Vaitape and Matira Point, you will find the Pension Moon is located on the lagoon side of the road in Pofai Bay. The pension is located next to Galerie d’Art Alain et Linda. The facility has four bungalows with kitchens and bathrooms.

On a drive around the island, Jessica and I quickly stopped and took a few photos as we wanted to document all the places people can stay while on Bora Bora.

Pension moon private bungalows |

Unfortunately, we do not have much more information about the Pension Moon other than what you see here. I can tell travelers were staying in the bungalows, but there was no one outside. After scanning the TripAdvisor website I didn’t see any reviews on the Pension Moon, nor could I find any contact information.

If you are planning on visiting Bora Bora on a budget, then this might be an option but with no information to be found beware of the risk. There is a tourist office in Bora Bora located in the Vaitape Marina. I would first start there.

Outdoor sink and bathrooms at the Pension Moon |

Outdoor facilities include sink and bathrooms. Have you visited Bora Bora and stayed at this place? We would be interested in hearing your experiences and any insights that would be helpful for travelers planning their trip to Bora Bora.



  1. I stayed there in 2004 and loved it! Simple but clean, economical and enchanting. When I stayed there a man and his parents owned it and lived in the house in front. They were very nice. There was some sort of fresh fruit trees there on the property – I think grapefruit(?) and the man left some by my door while I was there. 🙂


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