Map of Bora Bora


Here we have a Bora Bora map for you to reference. The island is located about 250 kilometers (160 mi) northwest of Tahiti and is surrounded by a large lagoon and several Motus (islands) which act as a natural barrier.

Bora Bora Island Map - Help to orient yourself with this Tahitian island in the South Pacific with overwater bungalows.

In the center of the island is the town of Vaitape which is the main City, where shops and markets are found. There is a free 20-minute boat shuttle from Vaitape to Bora Bora Airport that runs several times a day. Most major resorts have their own boat shuttles that will pick you up directly from the Airport. Although you might want to verify that a free transfer is included as part of your accommodations, otherwise, it could cost you extra.

Just East of Vaitape are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the highest point at 727 meters (2,385 ft). There are several Bora Bora resorts on the main island and surrounding Motus. Be sure to check out our Bora Bora hotel map to see where all the major resorts are located.

View of Mount Otemanu towering over the Bora Bora lagoon and resort bungalows.

The lagoon has very distinct blue colors to it which depends on the depth of the water. In some areas such as the Southern part of the island near Pointe Matira, the water is not very deep. Those that are sailing to the island need to be very careful navigating boats around the lagoon. Fortunately, there are markers in the water that help boats identify potential dangers.

There is a 31km (19 mi) road on the main island that will take you around in one big loop. To drive around Bora Bora takes roughly 1 hour because the speed is low, plus your driving on an island so what’s the rush? A bike ride can take about 1 hour and 30 minutes although you’ll probably want to stop to take lots of pictures along the way. There island loop road is mostly flat with only one decent hill along the way.

Quick Tip – The view of Bora Bora from the air is fantastic, be sure to check out a helicopter tour or catch a quick view just before the Air Tahiti plane lands on your way to the island.



  1. The motu you have named as Motu Tapu is actually Motu Toopua…. Motu Tapu is actually the tiny motu located between Motu Toopua and Motu Ahuha


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