View from the Maitai Polynesia Resort


View from the Maitai Polynesia Resort |

Here is a beautiful view from the Maitai Polynesia Resort in Bora Bora. The Maitai is located on the main island and this photo is perched above the resort and looking south. In the distance, beyond the Sofitel Private Island Resort on the left you can see the island of Raiatea which is one of French Polynesia’s bigger islands. On the right side of this photo in the distance is the Intercontinental Le Moana resort overwater bungalows.

The Bora Bora lagoon has many shades of blue and this photograph is a perfect example, the lighter areas are shallow while the darker areas on deeper. There is some good snorkeling or scuba very close by because of the lagoon depth. Many tour operators will actually travel all the way around the island to come here because of the marine life, so if you like to get in the water, this is a good spot.

One of the benefits to being located on the main island is the proximity to resources outside the resort, many times when you are on the bigger resorts they entice you to stay by offering almost everything you can imagine, this is not a bad thing for some but the prices are usually very high. Next to the Maitai Polynesia is a local grocery store and Pizza restaurant. You can save quite a bit of money buying food and supplies outside your hotel.




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