Four Seasons Resort view of Mount Otemanu


Four Seasons Resort view of Mount Otemanu |

This photograph is of the Four Seasons Resort view of Mount Otemanu. This is what the view looks like when you are walking to your overwater bungalow, its pretty nice. The Four Seasons Resort has spacious overwater bungalows that are some of the nicest on Bora Bora island. The resort opened in September 2008 and is set on a private motu with amazing views of Mt. Otemanu from many of its 100 overwater bungalows.

The backdrop in this photo is the majestic Mount Otemanu which holds a special place in the hearts of local Tahitians. The mountain is the highest point on the island and is where Bora Bora kings and queens are buried.

If you are into hiking the mountain is not accessible due to dangerous terrain towards the top, but there are tour operators that will take you to one of the closer mountain ridges where you can get a great view of the entire island. If hiking is not your thing, then to get a great aerial view of the island, you should consider taking a Helicopter tour over Bora Bora so you can see everything from above.



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