Over Water Bungalow with Glass Floor


Night time in Bora Bora with over water bungalow with glass floor | boraboraphotos.com

If you are willing to spend the extra money to stay in an over water bungalow, one great feature is the glass floor in the lounge area of the bungalow. The glass floor allows for spectacular glimpses of the great sea life that lives in the beautiful warm waters of Bora Bora.

When we stayed at the resort, the waters were very calm so we got a very clear view of all of the different fish living in the surrounding area. It is an incredible sight seeing schools of fish swim by in the lit up glass floor view from our bungalow. We enjoyed relaxing on the couch, drinking a cocktail, and watching the fish swim by under our feet.

When staying in the over water bungalow, snorkeling equipment is a must have! We packed out own gear, and it allowed us to view the schools of fish, jelly fish and even small (non harmful) sharks swimming in near by areas. You will see small reefs where the sea life gather and live in harmony.

Sofitel glass floor bungalow | boraboraphotos.com

I was nervous at first to venture into the water; however our bungalow was situated far enough into the lagoon that we could jump off our deck into the water, and not touch the bottom, but it was not too deep. There is a sense of safety in the Bora Bora lagoons because Bora Bora is surrounded by motu (small islands) that protects the inner lagoon from rough waters and creates a perfect swimming environment for visitors.

Sofitel bungalow with glass floor and fish | boraboraphotos.com

We would jump into the warm and calm waters at our leisure, put on our snorkeling gear and explore the neighboring areas. There is also an outdoor shower on the side of each over water bungalow so you can quickly rinse off the salt water from your swim, and get back to sun tanning on the deck. The over water bungalow is the perfect way to have your own home away from home, and enough privacy to get the well deserved rest and relaxation.

Quick Tip – Bring your own snorkeling gear so you can get great views of the sea life that lives around your bungalow! We bought our snorkeling gear from Costco and we used it at different excursions and resorts. This also saved us a lot of money, rather then renting the gear from the hotel and sharing mouthpieces with strangers.

Quick Tip – If you do go on the Helicopter tour over Bora Bora, defintely bring a camera!



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