Bora Bora Shark and Ray Feeding

Bora Bora shark and ray feeding excursion.

Explore Bora Bora shark and ray feeding while seeing the unspoiled coral and underwater life. A covered boat will transfer you across the lagoon to a place near the reef where ideal conditions have encouraged maximum coral growth.

After exploring this area, the guides will use bait to attract black-tipped sharks. They’ll feed these graceful creatures (approximately four to five feet long) in front of you. Watch this exciting show either underwater with your mask or from the boat. This is an experience not to be missed!

Face to face with sharks in Bora Bora.

As the tour operators chum the lagoon, a fantastic display of sea life appears before you. There is a rope that the guides recommend that you do not go past. The sharks are very mellow and never showed any aggression, probably because they were getting fed lots of food.

The rush you get when a shark whizzes by you is incredible. Jessica was a little afraid of the water, but after coaxing her in, she clung to me, and we worked our way just feet from the sharks.

People about to board the shark feeding boat.

The boat operators are all very helpful and speak many languages. They are also comedians and musicians playing jokes and music on your way to and from the shark feeding locations. Depending on your excursion, being a full day or half, they will take you to other dive sites for snorkeling, where you can see Moorea Eels and other tropical fish.

Quick Tip – If you go on one of the shark and ray feeding tours, bring your own water and sunscreen.

Quick Tip – Your hotel concierge can arrange for the excursion operators to pick you up from your hotel. However, the trips don’t run every day, so plan in advance as soon as you check in, as spots also fill up quickly.



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