Bora Bora Beaches


Bora Bora white sand beach with palm trees |

There’s a good chance that if your not on your over water bungalow, that you will be hanging out on a Bora Bora beach. The beautiful island beaches are nice but they are often rocky because of the reefs. There are few locations, such as the Lagoonarium that have nicely maintained white sandy beaches. Some hotels offer morning Yoga classes on the beach while other hotels provide hammocks to take a nap.

Relax on a Bora Bora Hammock |

Because of the abundance of tropical sea-life, just peering into the water from the beach you will probably see colorful fish, we even saw an octopus! What makes the beaches in Bora Bora awesome, is the island lifestyle, palm trees with coconuts, warm breeze, view of the blue lagoon and the sound of water touching the shore.

Bora Bora beach paradise to relax |

The hotel beaches typically have a bar on the sand or not too far away from reach. A cool mai tai can make lounging on the beach that much better. The lagoon does have a strong current depending on the time of day and if the tide is coming in or going out, so be careful.

Quick Tip – Depending on your hotel and how busy it is, you may want to explore by walking to find a private spot, although be warned once you leave the hotel grounds the beaches are not well maintained.

Quick Tip – Some hotels charge to rent snorkels and fins, bring your own pair and save some money. If you don’t have room in your bag, email the hotel and ask if they have rental charge or provide complimentry gear. Jessica and I brought our own gear and we could jump in the water any time we wanted without worrying about checking out gear and returning it.



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