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So many weddings take place in Bora Bora each year, its pretty easy to see why. An incredibly romantic island paradise in the South Pacific makes for a perfect backdrop to a wedding ceremony. Our fans on Facebook and visitors like you visiting our website ask us all the time if we know any Bora Bora wedding photographers. We decided to get some answers for you, so we asked around and did a little web research and found wedding photographer Ben Duluc. We asked him about his services and to share a little bit of his background. Ben was kind enough to respond, below is our email exhange with him.

How did you end up in Bora Bora? Do you live there all-year round?

Originally from France, I arrived in Tahiti in 2002. After several years passed moving around some islands of French Polynesia, I finally settled down in Bora Bora  where I live now all year round since 2008.

Describe your wedding photography style

Describing your style is always hard work. I wish I could say my style is a perfect mix between candid, natural and creative shots. Regarding a wedding, I really love to catch true feelings and joy more than a nice posed photograph. This is the most important for me and I like to think that this is what my guests want to bring home. So during a ceremony, I always keep in mind to be as inconspicuous as possible, like a part of the scenery. Of course, if we have a photo shooting before or after the ceremony, I make more creative shots according to my client’s requests. In that job, it is crucial to listen carefully to your guests and understand their needs in order to give them the best tailored service.

Because Bora Bora is often a once in a lifetime experience, they deserve all our attention.

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Do you shoot film, digital or both?

I only shot digital. During the process of the ceremony, everything is going fast and you can’t stop it. If you want to catch all the details, you have to do it fast, this is why I use a DSLR camera.

What do you enjoy about living and working in Bora Bora?

As a wedding photographer, to live and work in Bora Bora is a blessing. Our island is certainly one of the most popular in the world as a lovers destination, with many luxurious resorts and idyllic sceneries. And during free time, Bora Bora is a perfect playground for water activities (surf, kite-surf, stand-up paddle or go swimming). But I always recommend to explore the other islands. You can’t understand the essence of French Polynesia without feeling the atmosphere of her islands. The magic is that each one has a different lagoon, different people, different way of life which makes them all unique.

You seem to capture some of the most amazing personal moments. Can you share your process with us?

People are always happy to come in Bora Bora. It is like an enchanting filter. So you just have to be kind, easy going and try to give your guests a lot of fun. That is the process for me to catch true feelings I talked before.

Your work is unique in many ways. Could you talk a bit about why you think that is.

In many ways we’ve got the same constraints as others photographers all over the world. But yes, we have the chance to work and live in a unique place that is why I will be forever grateful for all the wonderful moments living here. From the unreal colors of the lagoon to indescribable sunsets, the nature here can bring you unbelievable memories that you will never forget.

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How many weddings and sessions do you typically shoot each year?

Thanks to the hotels of Bora Bora, there is a lot of weddings organized all year long. Typically, I can shoot around 10 weddings per month, depending of the season. After that, you can add lifestyle portraits sessions for honeymooners and few events.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about photographing weddings?

As said before, things are going fast during a wedding. There are always some shots you absolutely want so you have to stay very focused, trying to keep a global view of what happens and not miss little details which can illustrate the atmosphere of a wedding. Because once it’s done, it’s done, you can’t ask everybody to do it again. That is the most challenging thing during weddings!

How do you choose which images you ultimately provide to your clients?

I try to put myself into my guest’s shoes. Each of us is unique, our desires and expectations as well, so I try to find a way to select the pictures I think they will do.

If we have few days before the guest’s departure, I send a link via Dropbox with all the thumbnails of the wedding, so that they are able to choose the ones they love. With the experience, you know what kind of photos will be selected or which one not. But sometimes, you are totally wrong. For you, the photo is far from perfection, but they chose it and you don’t know why. Maybe you missed the emotions they could feel inside at this moment.

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How quickly do your clients get to see their photos?

Usually, I send the photos within two days and always before my clients leave their resort. Sometimes, they leave Bora Bora the same day, so I will send a Dropbox link with all their photos in high resolution.

Do you bring assistants or second shooters with you?

Weddings in Bora Bora are generally more intimate that in the home country of the guests. Most of the time, there is only the bride and the groom and the ceremony does not take too long, this is why I work alone. For other shootings, I can use an assistant with reflectors but it is more for special works.

For those that would like to consider working with you, what’s the best way to start?

I’ll say, don’t hesitate to contact me, whether it is only to ask questions. I’m really open minded, I like that my guests share with me how they see things. From that, I will always do my best to suit their best expectations.

Ben Duluc / Photographer
Cell Phone: (+689) 87 73 07 21
Email: [email protected]
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