Return trip to the Sofitel Private Island


Bora Bora Sofitel private island welcome dock |

We’re back! My wife Jessica and I love Bora Bora, we originally honeymooned at the Sofitel Private Island in 2011. We had such a great time on that trip that we told ourselves someday we have to return. Fast forward 2 years later, we saved up enough vacation time from work and we started discussing travel ideas. Bora Bora was at the top of the list but we couldn’t decide whether to try a new Resort or stick with what worked last time.

Choosing a Bora Bora resort is a tough choice, how much money are you willing to spend is often the biggest factor. Ultra luxurious resorts like the St. Regis and Four Seasons are great if you can afford them, but they are pretty isolated and they really try to keep you on their property.

What if you wanted to go to a grocery store or try a variety of other restaurants on the island? Of course its possible, but most of the resorts have specific shuttle schedules to Vaitape, the main City of Bora Bora. If you miss the shuttle or if the resort you’re staying at doesn’t offer a shuttle then a boat taxi is your only option and those things are not cheap.

Sofitel Private Island over water bungalow with lagoon view  |

Jessica and I chose the Sofitel Private Island again and here’s why. First off, we prefer a more intimate resort experience. The Sofitel Private Island has only 20 luxury overwater bungalows and 11 island villas. This means no long distance hikes from your bungalow to the main dining or activity area of your resort. If you’ve checked out reviews on TripAdvisor you’ve might have seen people complain about the distance they need to travel in order to get to their room. Thats not a problem at the Sofitel.

The Sofitel Private Island has a free daily boat transfer to their sister hotel, the Sofitel Marara Beach Resort. Day and night, all you need to do is walk to the dock and there is a boat waiting to take you on a 5 minute transfer to the main island. This is a great convenience because once you get to the main land, there are multiple restaurants, shops, and a market all within walking distance. The most popular beach in Bora Bora, Matira beach is also just 20 minute walk away.

Manu Tuki restaurant at the Sofitel Private Island resort |

Daily breakfast is served at the Sofitel Private Island in the large hut which you can see above. This is also called the Manu Tuki restaurant which serves lunch and dinner. The staff is incredibly friendly and because the resort is not too big, they often know your name within the first day. Its a nice touch and makes you feel like you are more than just a room number.

At the top of the Sofitel Private Island with Mount Otemanu in the background |

Most of the resorts in Bora Bora are on flat such as the outer motu that surrounds the main island. The Sofitel Private Island is very unique in that the Island has a pretty decent hill which is great for viewing. Following the trail up the hill leads you to an area with 360-degree views. This spot is often popular around sunset with couples sitting in lounge chairs and toasting champagne to the sun.



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