Flying into Bora Bora Airport


Private Jet parked at Bora Bora Airport | boraboraphotos.comThere are no direct international flights to Bora Bora because the runway is not very long. Most all travelers have to fly into the main international airport in Papeete on the island of Tahiti and then make a transfer in a smaller aircraft to reach Bora Bora airport. From Tahiti, it is roughly 50 minutes of flying time on board Air Tahiti Airlines before reaching the jewel of the Pacific.

If you’ve got the cash for a private plane then you are in luck, Bora Bora airport can accommodate several types of private jets. Although I believe a stop is still required in Papeete for customs before you can fly to Bora Bora.

Flying into Bora Bora Airport |

Air Tahiti is the only domestic airlines in French Polynesia. They fly to Bora Bora and several other islands each day. Above you can see an Air Tahiti flight unloading bags. Passengers have to walk up the planes as there are no gates at Bora Bora airport.

Check-in counter at Bora Bora airport |

This is the check-in counter at Bora Bora airport. There is no security, so lines tend to move pretty quick. The airport is currently under renovation and plans are under way to improve the looks and feel.

Resort shuttle boats waiting for passengers |

Just outside the Bora Bora airport are resort shuttles waiting to pick up and drop off tourists and honeymooners. The St. Regis boat (far left) is one of the bigger shuttle boats that welcome travelers and can begin the check-in process at the hotel directly from the boat.

Not staying at a luxury resort? Not a problem, there is an even larger shuttle boat that takes travelers on a 20-minute ride to the Village of Vaitape for free. This is convenient for those staying on the main island.

Here’s a quick video clip of what it’s like flying into Bora Bora airport, enjoy:




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