Our Babymoon trip begins on Air Tahiti Nui


Air tahiti nui airlines check-in counter at LAX | boraboraphotos.com

Just a few short months ago, Jessica and I found out that we’re having a baby! We are both very excited about the news and looking forward to July 30th, the day we get to meet our new son or daughter (we’re going to be surprised – yikes!).

Jessica introduced me to the word ‘babymoon’ and at first, I thought she made it up until I started talking to other pregnant women. These other mothers-to-be had asked if Jessica and I thought of a place to go before we have begun a family, as they said vacations would no longer be the same.

As you would have expected, Bora Bora was on the top of our list, and this was to be our third trip to French Polynesia. Ever since our honeymoon trip in 2011, we look forward to the opportunity to travel back to the “Pearl of the Pacific” (Bora Bora island). At some point in our lives, we want to live there eventually, but we haven’t figured that one out yet.

atn plane waiting for boarding

Our airline of choice and “where the journey begins” is flying Air Tahiti Nui Airlines from Los Angeles, CA (LAX) with non-stop service to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT).  To save money, our plan was to fly overnight, so we chose ATN flight #101 @ 11:10 pm which departed Tuesday and arrived in Tahiti at 4:45 am on Wednesday morning.

air tahiti nui airlines business class cabin | boraboraphotos.com

Flying time is approximately 8 hours, and we highly recommend flying “Poerava” known as business class, especially on an overnight flight.

The ability to lay your seat nearly flat is priceless when you want to get a good nights rest. When flying economy class on an overnight flight we like to bring one of those Inflatable Neck Pillows, they may look funny, but they help if you plan on sleeping.

jason and jessica 2014 babymoon trip | boraboraphotos.com

Air Tahiti Nui offers hot & cold food while serving a nice variety of alcohols and juices to compliment your meals. The seat-back entertainment screens offer a range of on-demand movies and music at the push of a button. One of the unique video features are the travel guides of Tahiti and her islands. It’s a great way to get even more excited about your destination and its helpful for learning last minute travel ideas before you land.

Looking back on our babymoon adventure, we want to thank Air Tahiti Nui airlines for a smooth trip, excellent service, and no delays. Check back soon as we continue to post new articles about our 2014 Bora Bora babymoon trip.




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