Drums Of Bora Bora And Songs Of Tahiti

Drums Of Bora Bora And Songs Of TahitiFrom the moment you wrestle this CD from its plastic wrapper, Drums Of Bora Bora And Songs Of Tahiti will become at instant favorite.


Pop it in whenever you need instant energy or when you want to remember your trip to Bora Bora and recall those South Pacific tropical memories. You absolutely cannot sit still when this is playing.

I originally purchased it to use as background music for a backyard luau, but now I exercise to it, do housework to it, etc.

There are some songs on the CD (singers accompanied by guitars and other musical instruments), but it is mainly comprised of drumming.

Very Polynesia! Very provocative! If you’ve ever been to a luau and been captivated by its live entertainment, this CD is for you! Bring those tribal beats into your home today!


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